Discover Oliva by Boat

Discover Oliva by Boat

When visiting a city on your holidays, your first question is where to go, and what kind of things you can do there.

jetsurf denia

Jetsurf in Dénia

I am going to describe the experience I had with Jetsurf Denia and how right I was to give my children an extra fun experience: jetsurfing.

Marina de Dénia

The sporting spirit of the Marina de Dénia

Denia is a maritime city with a lot of marine facilities that enable people to do water sports much more easily than in other locations by the sea. 

Concha beach in Oropesa

The best idea for escaping from the daily routine at Oropesa del Mar

It sounds exciting to dive deep into the open sea out of season, listen to the silence and feel the freedom that surrounds you. And if you combine all that with some other water activities and a bike ride, well, what more could you ask for?

Excursion Tabarca Island with Catamaran

A trip to the island of Tabarca on a catamaran

I'd like to share our experience on board the Alicante Catamarán, one Sunday when we decided to visit the island of Tabarca.

Sup yoga València Ocean Republik

Paddle surf: Yoga to the rhythm of the waves

If you love the sea as much as I do, then more than ever before you may be looking hard for water activities that connect you to nature.

Broaden your perspective ... Family snorkelling

Broaden your perspective ... Family snorkelling

Where do you draw the line when you look at the sea from the beach? Does it end where the children’s feet can no longer touch the bottom? Is it a place that intrigues you while inspiring respect?

Weekend sailing trip: Valencia-Moraira-Dénia

Weekend sailing trip: Valencia-Moraira-Dénia

Sailing has always been one of the experiences that’s most fascinated humanity, and even more so if it’s with a sailboat.