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Montgó Natural Park and San Antonio Cape and Marine Reserve

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In Montgó Natural Park and in San Antonio Cape and Marine Reserve the coastal landscape becomes more rugged and is dotted with cliffs, coves, islands and caves.

Montgó Natural Park is impressive, not only thanks to the quality of the waters surrounding this sea inlet, but also because of the imperious, 753-metre-high mountain that rises above the plains of Xàbia, Dènia and Ondara. The Montgó area is one of the most special places on the Levantine coast because its unusual physiognomy, with large walls and ravines, and plant diversity, with over 800 species. On its walls you can see Bonelli’s eagles, eagle owls, kestrels, peregrine falcons, cormorants and various species of gull. The Valencian Government declared this area a Natural Park in 1987, including the Cape of San Antonio and the Las Planas plain, which acts as a link between the coast and the massif itself. The park has an interpretation centre located in the municipality of Dénia.

The San Antonio Marine Reserve is the extension of the Montgó Natural Park’s protection area as far as the sea. Walking around it from the sea, skirting its impressive cliffs, is undoubtedly the best way to appreciate how beautiful and spectacular it is. For lovers of diving it’s an absolute paradise. This natural space, which is of great environmental value, is a refuge for numerous species of fish, hence sailing activities are strictly regulated. Fully to enjoy this environment, it’s best to get in touch with one of the nautical tourism companies in the area, who will take care of obtaining the necessary permits so you can carry out your activity in complete comfort.

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Parque Natural del Montgó y Reserva Marina Cabo de San Antonio

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