Shows on lateen sailing: how our forebears sailed

Watersports in Region of Valencia
Watersports in Region of Valencia
"I really don't know why it is that all of us are so committed to the sea. I think (...) it's because we all came from the sea... And when we go back to the sea...  we are going back from whence we came." John F. Kennedy



Shows on lateen sailing: how our forebears sailed


Lateen sailing is one of the symbols of the culture and traditional way in Valencians


Lateen sailing features in one of the most traditional vignettes in Albufera Natural Park, in Valencia. These boats have been connected to these waters since ancient times and their features are perfectly adapted to the conditions of this natural environment. Artisanal fishing and traditional lateen sailing in the Albufera de València were declared a Site of Cultural Interest by the Regional Government of the Region of Valencia in 2016.

The boat consists of a sail (which is practically triangular, and also called a fore-and-aft sail), which bent to the lateen yard and which is usually used by small boats. It is considered the best rig to close haul (go against the wind) and to sail a beam reach (with the crosswind). They usually hold shows for the public to enjoy this mix of sport (one which is on the up-and-up) and tradition.

From March to September the Lateen Sailing Federation organises shows in the Albufera lagoon, at which the public can participate by sailing on the vessels used for visitors. It is also possible to learn this sailing technique at the Cataroja Fishermen’s Association’s sailing school. The Alicante town of El Campello also contains some of the most exciting chapters in the history of the ancient method of lateen sailing.

Lateen sailing exhibition calendar: Federació Valenciana de Vela Llatina


You can also enjoy nature by doing the following activities in the surroundings of the Albufera Natural Park:


Exhibiciones en Vela Llatina, nuestra forma ancestral de navegar

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