Sea kayaking

Watersports in Region of Valencia
Watersports in Region of Valencia
"I really don't know why it is that all of us are so committed to the sea. I think (...) it's because we all came from the sea... And when we go back to the sea...  we are going back from whence we came." John F. Kennedy



Sea kayaking

Comunitat Valenciana

Kayaking is one of the sports that has gained the greatest devotees in recent times, since it’s ideal for discovering the most inaccessible landscapes of the Valencian coast. The characteristics of the Mediterranean and the region’s climate allow you to kayak most of the year.

Some say a kayak is like a water bike, because it allows you to reach places that are too remote quickly to reach them on foot. As with bicycles, there are different varieties of kayaks depending on how and where you do it, such as sea kayaking, touring kayaking, racing kayaking, pole-kayaking, fishing kayaking, surf and/or whitewater kayaking, and calm-water kayaking.

One aspect of kayaking that distinguishes it from other nautical activities is the fact it’s a silent vessel, which allows it to access places many others can’t, such as narrow passages, areas with only a sliver of water or places with reefs. A kayak is really easy to handle and it will allow you to approach caves and even cliffs.

On the Region of Valencia’s beaches, due to how they lie, sheltered from strong winds and currents, you can do sea kayaking and calm-water kayaking. Most nautical companies offer guided tours to discover remote enclaves, coves and caves that you couldn’t discover from the land. Here are some suggestions for you to start planning your next trip:


(Foto: El Campello Surf Club)